Fulton Science Academy Private Music Lessons

(All Grades)

Begins on August 19th, 2019 

(Registration is open throughout the school year)

Private Music Lessons are offered for all Strings, Woodwinds, Brass, Percussion (including Drum Kit), Piano, and Voice.

Two to three Instructors are available daily, allowing us to hold multiple lessons at once, in separate locations on FSA's Campus

Lessons occur once a week for 30 to 60 minutes and may be scheduled during recess or after-school (beginning at dismissal).  

This year, students will use a new App called Tonara to practice from home. Tonara uses Artificial Intelligence to listen to students' practice. This is a wonderful tool, as it provides immediate, live feedback to Students, Parents, and Instructors!

When registering, please provide two to three time-slots that fit your schedule

If you would like to schedule lessons during recess, please specify "recess" and "day" in the Preferred Time-Slot field.

If we are unable to accommodate your schedule, please inquire about our In-Home Lessons Service

If In-Home Lessons are your first choice, please fill the "In-Home Lessons" form linked on our site. 

Fees: $30 per half-hour lesson, charged monthly via auto-pay. 

Yearly Registration: $75.00

Semesterly Registration: $50.00

Online Practice App Access: $3.00 per Month (added onto monthly charges)

Lessons occur Monday-through-Friday at the following times: